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Rovshan Oguz Production since 1991 employs the highly internationally qualified specialists working in its factory and metal workshop which is equipped with modern technological equipment produced in Germany, Italy, and Turkey satisfying to the international standards. We use in our production ecologically clean raw materials from Europe, Turkey, South Korea, local wood and furniture materials of different assortment. The company has 20-years experience in continuous production and sale of its products with long-term cooperation with famous foreign and local companies. The company produces the furniture of the different assortment and metal products according to the product market and execute different services.

Range of services & products include:

  • Furniture (living room furniture, bedroom furniture, child’s furniture, corridor furniture, kitchen furniture, and etc.)
  • Office furniture (furniture for offices, banks, hotels, bars, restaurants, and etc.)
  • Exclusive interior & furniture design and manufacture
  • Front  and internal doors of different kind materials
  • Fire proof doors manufacture
  • Engraving and incrustation works
  • Metal works (iron doors, gates, frames, safes and etc.)
  • Covering of the walls, ceilings and columns with the wood or other furniture materials
  • Antique furniture restoration
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