Maintenance - Rovshan Oguz Group



BP AzSPU have granted general maintenance contract to Rovshan Oguz Group. This contract has been granted after careful consideration of all important requirements, such as: contractor experience, financial stability and available human recourses. After all tender procedures our company’s proposal has been found most suitable by BP tender committee.

Our contract consists of providing maintenance services at different BP facilities, such as:

1.         Sangachal Oil and Gas Terminal

2.         BP Supply Base

3.         BP In-Town premises

4.         BP Housing

All Rovshan Oguz Group personnel are fully comply with BP requirement in the fields of HSE and professional performance. Related to this contract we have more than 200 permanently based employees and up to 60 temporary employees, based on client additional construction or maintenance requests.

Sangachal Oil & Gas Terminal

We have more than 130 permanently assigned employees, and additional 30 to 60 temporary personnel, related to our additional construction or renovation projects at the Sangachal Terminal. The size of the terminal is 480 hectares, and our company operates there at both, non industrial and industrial areas, such as:

  • Caspian Energy Centre, business offices
  • Caspian Technical Training Centre, more than 120 classes
  • BP Camp 
  • EOP, Annex, Shahdaniz, CCB, Davis and STEP areas are business offices where BP and contractor personnel residing, approximately 500 personnel.
  • Industrial area

Our Sangachal Terminal maintenance teams and activities:

  • Housekeeping team, cleaning Sangachal Oil & Gas Terminal and surrounding areas
  • Technical maintenance teams, electricians and mechanical crews, provide routine and preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and repair services for all generators, cherry pickers, forklifts and other mechanical equipment
  • Plumber, painters and carpentry teams
  • Operation team, working straight with heavy duty client machines, such as forklifts and cherry pickers
  • HVAC and air condoners maintenance team
  • Waste management team
  • Pool of operation and management personnel


BP Onshore & Offshore Supply Base

BP supply base is very large complex consists of two separate warehouses. Maintenance team general duties are support all electrical and mechanical systems modifications, installations, troubleshooting and repair activities.  BP supply base very important part of BP AzSPU and we understand importance of our personnel role.

We also involved in many tenders and construction works, and all our base located personnel are fully comply with BP AzSPU HSE and operation requirements.

BP In Town premises

BP In Town premises consists of following buildings:

1.         BP Xazar Centre

2.         Old City Office

3.         BP Hyatt Regency offices

4.         BP Landmark offices




BP housing maintenance team is one of the important department in Rovshan Oguz Group. We taking care of all maintenance needs of BP AzSPU premises in Baku. We are acting as a single source to contact for any maintenance requests.