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Rovshan Oguz Group is a company with ability of region-wide coverage for full-service, maintenance and repair of non-industrial facility and housing, HVAC, water treatment and purification, heating systems, rotating equipment (generators, forklift, elevating work platform, pumps etc) as well as civil construction works, quality furniture production throughout the region and leisure services in its own “AFRA” hotel located in Oguz.


What do we do?
 Installation of ventilation, heating, cooling, electrical, water and sewerage system, etc.
 Civil construction, maintenanceç automation and renovation of buildings, site facilities, offices and houses
 Apartment housekeeping and cleaning
 Inside and outside windows cleaning
 Shampooing of carpets, rugs, curtains, soft furniture, mattresses
 Carpeting
 Pest Control including snake catching
 In-house and facility sanitary services
 In-house and site electrical services
 Electrical appliances and equipment testing and repair
 Locks repair, safe opening, key duplicates making
 Carpentry works
 Furniture production and repair
 Furniture moving services
 Interior design
 Renewal of floor coverings, renewal and/or cleaning of suspended ceilings, replacement of partitions, doors, frames, skirting boards and screens, installation of new lighting schemes and associated electrical work, plastering work, plumbing