Construction - Rovshan Oguz Group



“ROVSHAN OGUZ GROUP” LLC is committed to ensuring the safety, health and welfare of its employees. We will work safely in an environment that promotes the health and well-being of the individual.

In support of this policy, Management accepts the responsibility for the prevention of accidents through the identification and elimination of workplace hazards and promotion of safety awareness among its employees and contractors.

We will abide by all statutory acts and regulations as a minimum standard and strive to maintain a level of safety, which extends beyond the legal limits.

To consistently achieve this aim it is required that:

  • Supervisory personnel understand and accept responsibility for preventing injures to people they supervise.


  • All employees accept their responsibility to work safely and to extend this concern to other employees.


  • Equipment and processes in new and existing operations be properly operated, designed and maintained, to ensure compliance with health and safety requirements.


  • Accidents and incidents will be thoroughly investigated to prevent their re­occurrence.


  • Employees attend Company sponsored training programs and inductions, as an integral part of their employment conditions.


  • Whenever illness or injury results in disability to an employee, the company will make all reasonable efforts to provide an appropriate rehabilitation program to assist the employees to return to gainful and meaningful employment.

We encourage employee participation in matters affecting the safety and health of our people, and seek suggestions from our workforce of ways in which safety can be furthered.